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What is a meta description, and why it matters?

A meta description is an HTML element that provides a brief description of a web page, social media page or Lephutshi listing page. It is displayed as part of the search snippet in a search engine results page (SERP) and is intended to provide the user with an idea of the content on the page and how it relates to what they searching for.

Let me show you gore ke bua ka eng;

Tip: So, when writing your company description, put yourself in the shoes of your customers who are looking for your products and services. Be persuasive, arouse interest and attention. When writing a description, one mistake we tend to make is focusing too much on the company story; reduce that and optimize for your products and services. kana when your customer searches on search engines or social media they want their needs met, motho wa modimo o ipatlela metseto ya bana. So the first few lines should be about your products/services, and as you go on, ke gone o ka buang ka your values, mission and story.

Why are descriptions important?

  • Make it easier for visitors to find the information they seek.
  • Boosts your click-through rate (CTR), which leads to an increase in sales.
  • Increases your rankings on search engine results page (SERPs). Consider this: if your description is compelling enough, more people will click on it, and guess what? Google will recommend your page to anyone searching for similar information.

Tips for writing perfect Meta descriptions.

Focus on the mindset of your target market.

Why should they buy from you? What are you offering different from other businesses out there. ke gore ba ngoke to your business.

Add a Call to Action.

Use actionable words like “learn more,” “click here,” or “shop now” in your description.

Make it brief, unique, interesting, and straight to the point.

Social media pages have a character limit for your page description, Facebook is 255 characters if I remember well, make it count. Use attention-grabbing words such as “shocking,” “amazing,” and “free.” 

Make sure you include those keywords.

Include keywords related to your company’s niche, products, and services. This makes your content more relevant, which improves your SEO rankings.

Use tools such as UberSuggest and Google Trends to find the best keywords in your industry.

In conclusion

Meta descriptions are essential for getting your company discovered and can significantly improve your search engine rankings. They should be captivating, descriptive, and specific to each page. Remember to use meta descriptions on all of your site’s pages, including blog posts and product pages.

So go ahead and add or edit those descriptions, and remember to keep these tips in mind when writing your page description. Please remember to add or edit Lephutshi’s listing descriptions as well; if your company is not listed on Lephutshi, go ahead and add it; it’s completely free. Thank you for your time; please leave any comments or suggestions in the section below.

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