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Dumelang and welcome to Lephutshi Job Listing (job Board).

Is your company currently looking for new employees? Allow lephutshi to assist you in locating the most qualified candidate for your open position. You can find employees who live closer to work using our location services. There’s also an online application feature that will save you and your prospective employees time. It is completely free and easy to use.

Continue reading to learn more about how our job board can help you find the right candidate for your position and grow your business. A video demonstrating how Lephutshi works and how to post a job can also be found at the bottom of this page.

How your job post will appear mo Lephutshi

Click on the images below to get a sense of how your job post or other Batswana’s job posts will appear to potential applicants.

why our job board is good for your business.

The following are the primary reasons why posting your job openings with us is a good idea. These features assist us in locating the best candidates for your company, applicants who are qualified and ready to work.

location services

To show potential employees the exact location of your job site in Botswana, we use Google location services (GPS). This allows them to easily find jobs in their area or throughout Botswana. Getting a job closer to home is great, and saves money.

Brand awareness and marketing

Botswana has a very high unemployment rate, which is unfortunate but true. Who says you can't use this to your advantage? A lot of people are actively looking for work, and one job posting can help your company get discovered because people are constantly sharing job posts with their loved ones. Your company logo will be visible in every job post, increasing brand recognition.

Applying online made easy

With our Job board, candidates can apply directly on lephutshi rather than going to their email service provider, logging in, composing, and sending an email. This benefits both you and the candidates and saves time.

Files and Closing date

You can upload files for potential employees to download, such as application forms or job descriptions. Psst! You can also use this to market your company by telling them about your products and services. Last but not least, once the closing date has passed, the job posting is automatically removed, so no more of those late applications.

So, what's next?

Go ahead and post your job by simply clicking “Add a Listing“, select “Jobs“,  fill out a form, and submit. Yes, It’s that easy. Please also subscribe to our email list so we notify you on listing posts to stay ahead of the competition. Remember there’s a video at the bottom to show you how Lephutshi works and how to post your job. So keep scrolling ngwana wa ko gae.

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