Most frequent questions and answers

  • Simply press ‘Add Listing‘ at the top right corner if you’re on desktop, or click on the hamburger menu () and click ‘Add Listing’ if you’re on mobile/tablet.
  • Select the type of listing you want to post.
  • Select listing package.
  • Fill out the form ka botlalo.
  • Review and submit, you will be taken to the checkout page (Tili) to make a payment.
  • Improve your company online presence: search engines e.g. Google draw out your company information from online directories and show it to people searching for businesses relevant to your niche.
  • Best Local Visibility: Lephutshi sorts businesses by location and other filters that improves potential customers finding and connecting with your business.
  • Improve Brand Awareness: When consumers are searching or navigating mo Lephutshi, your business show up, including your logo and contact details, even if they don’t click on it they see it both directly and subconsciously improving brand recall. Next time etlare a consumer e feta ka one of the malls tsa Botswana, sees your brand then they recognize it and strikes curiosity. 
  • Improves Your SEO: Online presence or having your website out there improves your website SEO (search engine optimization) and website ranking. This helps your website gain trust on search engines like Google resulting in better customers and reviews.
  • Customer Connection, Reviews & Testimonials: What consumers think of your business is very vital, it helps other consumers have an idea of your products & services, word-of-mouth marketing. It also helps you as a business owner to improve your business for the better or keep up the sane standards.
  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Our bank card transactions are hosted by DPO Group Botswana. The transaction completed instantly with this method. (Recommended)
  2. eWallet/Pay2Cell: You simply send the total amount of the transaction to the phone number provided at checkout (tili). This method has a little processing time.
  3. Bank Deposit: You simply deposit the total amount of the transaction to our Bank Account provided at checkout (tili). This method has a little processing time.

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A good answer is don’t only choose us, choose all of us,  the more the merrier when it comes to marketing. A great example would be how companies use billboards, they put them everywhere to boost brand awareness. However below are great reasons why we stand out from the rest;

  • Our map pins are logos to promote brand awareness.
  • No annoying Ads, our ads are other listings within Lephutshi.
  • Listing location, Find property  that is sold/rented nearby with ease. this is helpful when you are looking for a plot, it shows you the exact location where the plot is with respect to your location.
  • Online Application and Email, email listing and application within Lephutshi to save time.

Because people tend to click the first listing in search results, its highly recommended you promote your business to get more visits/views. Listings are arranged by priority levels, the higher the priority the higher in the search results (or filters) your listing will be, ipeye ko top matlere. Your listing will also appear on the homepage if its promoted, spaces on the homepage is limited though so they’ll also be arranged according to ratings. So get those good reviews also. You can promote your listings at My Account under “My Listings“. Below is how listings will be arranged on search results;

  1. Promoted ( Gold Badge) (Priority = 2)
  2. Featured ( Blue Badge) (Priority = 1)
  3. Unpromoted (No Badge) (Priority = 0)