Are you looking to sell your vacant land (setsha)? We will help you promote it for free!!!

Dumelang and welcome to Lephutshi’s Plot (setsha) listing.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and that’s perfectly fine. It may come a time when you decide to sell your plot in order to raise capital to start that business you’ve always wanted, to purchase your dream car, or simply to have extra cash to use however you please; after all, it’s your asset, right?

When that time comes, which may already be here, we have a platform for you to use to help advertise your plot and find the perfect customer for you faster and for free.

Scroll down to learn more about Lephutshi’s Plots listing, and then add a listing when you’re ready. Don’t worry, there’s a video at the bottom of this page to show you how.

How your Plot will appear mo Lephutshi

Click on the images below to get a sense of how your plot or other Batswana’s plots will appear to potential buyers.


The following are the main reasons why advertising your plots with us is a good idea. These features help us find you the perfect customer for your plot, a client who is ready to buy.

location services

We use Google location services (GPS) to show potential buyers the exact location of your vacant land in Botswana. This enables customers to easily find your plot, either in their region or across Botswana.

Contacts made easy

We've made it very simple for clients to get in touch with you. Clients can send you an email (Contact Form), WhatsApp text, or even call you with just a few clicks. This will expedite the process of generating leads and closing sales.

Organization & filters

Lephutshi organizes your clients' access to plots. By using filters, sorting, and radius, users can organize plots based on their preferences and budget. This assists you in locating the right customer for you, one whose preferences are met by your plot.

Embedded Video

You can include a video on the plot listing page. Clients want to know exactly what they're buying or renting, so a video tour of the plot is highly recommended and will help in getting those sales.

So, what's next?

Go ahead and post your plot by simply clicking “Add a Listing“, select “Plot (setsha)“,  fill out a form, and submit. Yes, It’s that easy. Please also subscribe to our email list so we notify you on new listing posts to stay ahead of the competition. Remember there’s a video at the bottom to show you how Lephutshi works and how to post your plot. So keep scrolling ngwana wa ko gae.

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Our Other Listings

We do have other listing types to help you advertise your goods and services. if you want to learn more about them, click on the links below. 

NB: We’re just an advertising company; we don’t handle any sales of what people post; we’re only in charge of transactions involving our plans mo Lephutshi.