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Lephutshi is SSL encrypted.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security technology for establishing an encrypted (secure ) connection between Lephutshi web servers and you as a client. What this basically means is that all your sensitive information such as debit cards and billing addresses  is protected and can only be accessed by you to make online transactions mo Lephutshi, re fasitse padloko khaya. With that being said, rest assured and trust that wherever you are in Botswana your information is safe with us at Lephutshi. For more information visit our privacy policy page.

The Checkout Page (Ko Tilling)

Before proceeding to payments its important that the Checkout billing details are fully and correctly filled in. Below are the fields that are needed to be filled in and how they should be filled for an easy successful transaction in Lephutshi:

  • Personal information: fill in your full name, both first name and surname.
  • Company name: Fill in the name of the company, preferably as it appears in Certificate of incorporation.
  • Address: fill in your correct physical address, and postal (optional), these are important incase we want to send tangible goods or documents in the future.
  • Additional Information: this section is only used when you are using either eWallet or Pay2Cell as your payment solution, hence the field is optional.
  • Promo Codes (Coupons): In this field you enter promotional coupons to get discounts on services and products provided by lephutshi. To get these make sure you opt in our newsletter and follow Lephutshi social media pages. e.g Facebook, twitter and Instagram where the codes will be shared to you.

Lephutshi Payments

eWallet and Pay2Cell

eWallet and Pay2Cell are one of the most used methods of sending money to your friends and loved ones in Botswana. Hence Lephutshi has taken advantage of this service provided by the FNB Botswana to accept payments through it.

How to make a payments (send) with eWallet/Pay2Cell in Lephutshi:

  1. After completing your shopping in Lephutshi and have completely filled in the checkout page fields, select either eWallet or Pay2Cell.
  2.  eWallet/Pay2Cell the total amount of your transaction to the phone number (77851912) provided on the checkout page.
  3. After the eWallet/Pay2Cell is successful, copy and paste or type in the transaction reference number from your bank text message into the additional information field of Lephutshi checkout page.
  4. Press Submit Order

These payments methods are simple and takes a little time (48 hours processing) to be approved, the time of approval and processing depends on;

  • The time it takes for your transactions to appear on our bank. The faster it appears the faster the approval.
  • The number of transactions we have received using the same payment method. The less number transactions to go through, the less time is going to take us to approve your transaction.
  • eWallet reversal grace period. The payment will only be approved after the customer is no longer able to make a reversal on the ewallet.
  • It’s safer and more secure.
  • Partial payments are allowed, i.e. two or more eWallet/Pay2Cell payments can be used to cover one payment, provided that both reference numbers are added in the Additional Information field
  • A little processing time (48hrs processing), can be faster though depending on the variables mentioned above.

These payment methods are very effective and can also be efficient if the process is done right, worry not its safe and effective. Refer to illustrations below.

Credit Card/Debit Card

Lephutshi’s card payment is by far the most efficient (instant) way to send your listing for approval. Our bank card transactions are hosted by DPO Group Botswana and supports Botswana currency (BWP).

How to make bank card payments mo Lephutshi;

  1. After filling up the checkout page, select Debit/Credit card
  2. Press Place Order, you will be taken to DPO group secure page to complete your transaction.
  3. Fill in your card details and press Pay. That’s it, done. Your receipts, from Lephutshi & DPO group, will be sent yo your email.

Pro: It’s faster, instant and most importantly secure.

This is the recommended payment solution because its faster, and its less labor intensive, meaning that Lephutshi staff does not have to confirm that the money was successfully transferred to our bank unlike with eWallet/Pay2cell.

Thank you again for choosing us. Itsenye mo mmepeng ka Lephutshi.

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