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Is your company hiring, are you looking for the best candidate for your job vacancy? Look no further, allow Lephutshi to help you find that certain candidate your company needs. Lephutshi has features that will make your recruitment or human resources team find the best candidate easily and effectively.

Our job listing does not only help mohiri to find staff, it in turn helps individuals looking to start or change careers.

What vacancy types can be listed mo lephutshi?

Any job vacancy type can be listed with us as listed below;

  • Commission
  • Contract
  • Full-Time
  • Internship
  • Part-Time
  • Temporary

The same applies for job qualification levels, basically any job can be listed with us.

  • Advanced diploma / Associates degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate Degree
  • Graduate certificate
  • Graduate diploma
  • Master’s Degree

Any company can post their job listings with us including government jobs, NGO jobs, mining jobs, the list goes on.

Why list with us?

  • Google Maps Api: This helps tell your potential staff where you are hiring from, where interviews will be held, ke gore everything that involves location of the listing. This feature can also be vital for people looking to find jobs that are near their homes to save on commute.
  • Detailed Job Page: Lephutshi’s job listing has more detailed information about the job than our competitors. More fields can be added on listers/customers request. Job seekers will be able to know what the job entails before applying.
  • Apply Online: Job seekers are able to apply directly mo Lephutshi with our apply now tab. Note this feature is only available for jobs that accept application via email. This is basically like sending an email to the company that it is hiring without having to go to your email service provider, convenience goes a long way right?

Mobile View of the Jobs (ditiro) Listing:

Desktop View of the Jobs (ditiro) Listing:

How to add a Job Listing mo Lephutshi

-Press Add listing,

-Select Job (Tiro) and

-choose Package.

You will asked to fill in your details shown below. Please read and fully fill the sections below, fa osa tlhaloganye botsa ngwana ko gae.

  1. General: Fill in the job title, Job description fully and the closing date of the application.
  2. Images and Files: Upload the company logo, gallery images and application files e.g. pdf, word. Use gallery images to boost your job description.
  3. Contact information: Fill in your email, if you’re accepting online applications, alternatively fill in your postal address for postal applications, also fill in your phone number, website and social media links incase applicants want to enquire more on the job post.
  4. Job details: Fill in or select the necessary details about the job listing, details include category, salary, qualifications and vacancy type e.g. part-time.
  5. Location: Enter your job listing location or use the geolocator to pin point your location, for easy navigation to job listing.
  6. Other: In this section select the company (business listing) that is hiring provided it is listed. Your job listings will also be visible on that particular Business (Places) Listing page.

-After filling out all the required sections press “Preview” to check any mistakes & typos, if none , press “submit“.

-This will take you to the “Checkout Page” (Ko dituelong or Tilli), If you have a coupon you may use it here to get discounts.

-Fill out your Checkout page and use the payment options available go duela (Pay). Every payment method is different follow the instructions carefully everything will be fine.

-Then Place Order.

The Listing will be sent to Lephutshi to await Approval. Thank you

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