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List your event with us today

Organizing an event? Look no further, Lephutshi will  make promoting your event better & hassle free, motlhofo-tlhofo. Lephutshi event listing incorporates new and modern technologies to make your event planning a breeze.

Types of events that can be listed with us include:

  • A speaker session
  • Networking sessions
  • Conferences
  • A seminar or half-day event
  • Workshops and classes
  • VIP experiences
  • Sponsorships
  • Trade shows and expos e.g. Global Expo Botswana (show)
  • Awards and competitions e.g. Bomu Awards
  • Festivals and parties e.g Botswana cultural/traditional events such as maitisong festivals and more.

Mobile View of the Event Listing:

Mobile View of the Event Listing:

Why list your event with us?

Countdown timer

Lephutshi event listing has a counterdown timer to help your attendants know how much time is left for the event to start. Help your attendants plan ahead of your event, tsenya your event mo mmepeng.

Google Calender & Maps

Our event listing uses google maps to simply map the location of your event. this feature is very helpful in the sense attendants will easily know the location of your event, and even better they can navigate to the event with ease.

Are you time savvy? if not google calendar is here to help you. Google calendar allows the event manager to add multiple event times for those recurring events, e.g. every weekend events. It also allows attendants to add the event to their personal calendars and be notified as the event approaches.

Description, Gallery, Tags

Describe your event better with images, tags and more. Koore paint a clear picture of what the event is about and what it offers with a detailed description.

Contact Information

Lephutshi has made contacting an entity or an individual about their event easy and hassle free. Attendants can easily enquire on the event through our call now, WhatsApp quick actions and they can also send an email to the event organizer within Lephutshi, talk about saving time.

Tickets (Coming Soon)

In a near future Lephutshi will be able to sell tickets or any event items required within the event listing, and have them delivered to them or anyhow the event manager wants it.

An Event can also be claimed* by a Business (Places) Listing and will be visible on the Business Listing page, nonetheless the Event Listing has its own separate page too.

How to add an Event Listing mo Lephutshi

-Press Add listing

-Select Event (Tiragalo) and

-choose a Package.

You will asked to fill in your details shown below. Please read and fully fill the sections below, fa osa tlhaloganye botsa ngwana ko gae:

  1. General: Fill in Title, tagline and description of your event. In the description section that’s were you state every detail about your event.
  2. Event Images: Upload your event cover images and gallery images. Upload HD photos to stand out and attract attendants.
  3. Contact Information: Fill in your contact details, email, WhatsApp, phone number and website. It is recommended you use event organizer phone number or someone who knows almost everything about the event, including getting tickets, directions and everybody.
  4. Location: If you don’t have a specific address for your event, use the Geolocator (The target-looking thingy on your right) to help you pin point your exact location, and make sure your device’s location services is enabled. Only use Geolocator when you’re at the venue of event listing, ga re batle go wela mo sitting room sa gago when trying to attend your event
  5. Event details: Fill in your event details, Date and time the event starts and ends, category, Tags and *claim your business listing, provided your business hosting the event is listed.

-After filling out all the required sections press “Preview” to check any mistakes & typos, if none , press “submit“.

-This will take you to the “Checkout Page” (Ko dituelong or Tilli), If you have a coupon you may use it here to get discounts.

-Fill out your Checkout page and use the payment options available go duela (Pay). Every payment method is different follow the instructions carefully everything will be fine.

-Then Place Order.

The Listing will be sent to Lephutshi to await Approval. Thank you

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