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Are you planning to sell or rent your car? Lephutshi etla go thusa – Lephutshi will help find the best customers fast and fairly easy with its detailed car specification page and google maps api.

It is so easy to list your car with Lephutshi that everyone can list with us. so who can list their cars with us?

  • Car dealerships – any car dealership in Botswana can list their cars with us to boost their sales. e.g. Kobe Trading
  • Individuals – when I say everyone I mean literally anyone can list their cars with us, either renting or selling.
  • Car rental companies: car rental companies can rent their cars though us or even sell their old/used cars. Lephutshi supports both renting and selling of cars, the car rental company must specify in our easy to fill-in forms whether the car is being sold or/and rented. e.g. Avis
  • Government Auction: the government can also use this platform to sell their used cars, or any cars that they want to get rid of.

Any car can be listed with us including:

  1. Imported cars: e.g. Japanese, UK, Durban, the list is endless.
  2. Demo Cars: these are cars dealerships use for demonstration or display in their shops.
  3. Accident damaged cars: you want to sell your damaged car for stripping, I mean why not, we all could use a financial boost in this pandemic. Go ahead ngwana wa go gae list that car with us today.

Why list with us?

  • Google Maps api: This helps your customers or potential buyers know where you’re selling your car from. Customers can find cars that are sold nearby, a great feature right?
  • Detailed Specification: Lephutshi’s car listing has more detailed information about the car than our competitors. More fields can be added on listers/customers request. Take note of our Know Issues and Upgrades, this is where you mention any complications your car have and any upgrades (addons) you have installed respectively. Just be transparent, boferefere komorago. e.g. If your Toyota Hilux 4×4 bakkie has a bad ignition or any other issue mention it, honesty goes a long way, plus remember we have reviews.


  • Lephutshi car listing  like any of our listings has modern, sleek and user friendly pages making finding your car easy for customers.

Mobile View of the Cars (Dikoloi) Listing:

Desktop (computer) View of the Cars (dikoloi) Listing:

How to add a Car Listing mo Lephutshi

-Press Add listing,

-Select Car (Koloi) and

-choose Package.

You will asked to fill in your details shown below. Please read and fully fill the sections below, fa osa tlhaloganye botsa ngwana ko gae.

  1. General: Fill in car name and model in the title,eseng bo Vrr Pha! Description section write every important information you think the  customer should know about the vehicle.
  2. Car Images: Upload all the necessary images as outlined in the form description. Use of HD photos highly recommended, any images that does not meet our standards will not be accepted, so re direle tiro motlhofo ngwana wa ko gae.
  3. Contact information: Fill in your WhatsApp number, phone number and email. Basically contact information you want customers to use when interested in purchasing your vehicle.
  4. Location: Fill in the address where your car is located. Use Geolocator to pin point your car location. For security reasons you can use a location close to your house, it’s all up to you really.
  5. Listing details: Select car category, car brand, fuel used and fill in all the required fields especially the “Known Issues/Problems”, Upgrades & Price section.

-After filling out all the required sections press “Preview” to check any mistakes & typos, if none , press “submit“.

-This will take you to the “Checkout Page” (Ko dituelong or Tilli), If you have a coupon you may use it here to get discounts.

-Fill out your Checkout page and use the payment options available go duela (Pay). Every payment method is different follow the instructions carefully everything will be fine.

-Then Place Order.

The Listing will be sent to Lephutshi to await Approval. Thank you

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